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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to remove waiters from restaurants?

Definitely not. We divide our customers into three groups:

1. Most of our customers using Spectu just for a digital presentation without ordering. Waiters have the same role as with the clasic paper menu and they using Spectu as new interesting service for customers. In this case we and restaurant’s owner focusing exclusively on the customer and his comfort so there Spectu doesn’t eliminate contact with the waiter at all.

2. The second kind of customer is restaurant which allows its customers ordering through Spectu. In this case Spectu is designed to serve as a possible alternative for ordering, for example during a lunch when waiters are to busy to take care about all customers.

3. Typical customer in third group is a fast food restaurant. There customers are not looking for dining experience, but especially fast service. Only in this case Spectu may partially or completely replace human contact, what is, in our opinion, desirable.


How can I enter items to the menu?

In case Spectu is connected to a POS system, items are entered to the POS management application. If the Spectu is without POS connection, the menu structure is edited in our cloud applications CMS. You can find how the editing interface looks like and how it works in administration.

How can I update the menu? Do I have to synchronize each device separately?

You can update your menu content directly on each iPad or through your management interface. There you can select a specific device you want to synchronize or you can synchronize all devices in the same time. The system will show you if the synchronization was successful. When the iPad is turned off, after system recovery it will automatically ask you if you want to synchronize. More informations about synchronization can be found in the section about administration.

Can I use the basic version of iPad?

Yes, Spectu communicates via WiFi so it doesn’t require 3G connectivity and 16GB of memory is way more than Spectu needs. The perfect version is therefore iPad WiFi 16GB. The cheapest solution is the iPad Mini with 7,9″ screen or iPad with retina display with 9,7″ screen.

Has Spectu other uses than food menu?

Spectu can work as a wine list or dessert’s menu. It can be used as a part of room service in a hotel room or in a meeting room built into the table. Thanks Spectu a hotel guests and conference participants can simply order what they want. Do you have other ideas? Write us about it on

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